Tribute Bands

Nikki Torres & Rhythm Machine

Gloria Estefan Tribute Band

Nikki Torres & Rhythm Machine – A Tribute to Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine. From a small hallway behind a door marked #7 emerges congas ,timbales and bongos with rhythms that invade the soul and make your body shake like a quarter mile dragster….Nikki Torres and Bill Ciaramelli are the culprits. The power duo of singer and drummer/musical director are tightening up their latest project consisting of some of the most highly regarded musicians in New York. Nikki Torres and the Rhythm Machine are paying tribute to Ms Gloria Estefan and her long time collaborates and husband Emilio. Like this renowned couple, This husband and wife team Nikki and Bill were introduced through the business and music that they love. With hours of rehearsal and miles of touring and venues from New York to California, it was meant to be. As they joined their passion and their lives, they combined their many years experience to develop an extraordinary musical homage to the songstress, the people and the 7 Grammy award winning music that keeps us all wanting more. Fronted by Ms Nikki Torres she has sung background and toured all over the world with many major artists. Covering some of her Latin hits such as Oye Mi Canto to her #1 ballad Anything For You, this show is a Must see..With an anxious group of talented musicians ,they are ready to play and ready to bring a new level of excitement to any stage, any arena, any audience that does not just want to sit but wants to stand and sing and get involved. Join us ! Get involved ! “GET ON YOUR FEET”.

Elvis Tribute Steve Mitchel

“A Touch Of Elvis”
Done with full respect to the King

Fleetwood Macked

The Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band. One of rock’s most successful hit making machines Fleetwood Mac’s performance history comes to life with this visually and sonically uncanny tribute… Hailed as the most authentic Fleetwood Mac tribute band in the U.S., Fleetwood Macked brings your favorite songs like…“Go Your Own Way”, “Don’t Stop”, “Rhiannnon” and “Landslide” to the stage with a performances that bring audiences to their feet and back to the heyday and most popular line-up of the great Fleetwood Mac.
If you are looking for the most authentic Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band, Fleetwood Macked is an all ages show suitable for Theaters, Concerts Halls, Amusements Parks,Casinos, Corporate Events and Clubs.

Blue Bayou

Linda Ronstadt has captured the hearts and souls of most music Lovers since the late 60’s when she entered the music scene with The Stone Poneys. Lindas Music speaks to all generations, Men, Women, and genres. She is and still remains the Queen Rock. She became one of the most popular, influential and interpretive singers of the ’70s, earning a string of platinum-selling albums and Top 40 singles. Throughout the ’70s, her laid-back pop style never lost sight of her folk roots, yet as she moved into the ’80s, she began to change her sound with the times, adding new wave, Mexican, Broadway and the Standards to her long repertoire. Linda Ronstadt music spans many decades yet her hits like “It’s so easy”, “ohh baby baby”, “just one look”, “different drum” , “Blue Bayou” to name a few speaks to all generations.

Blue Bayou with Carolyn Brown-Benson is keeping her music alive and introducing it to new generations.


The worlds only, hottest, littlest tribute band!! As seen in MALLCOP2 with Kevin James in 2015, In 2010 MINIKISS was featured in the Dr.Pepper Super Bowl Sunday Commercial with KISS , The Gene Simmons Family Jewels, plus much, much more. In 2015 MINIKISS was rated the #1 Tribute band of all time!! (Houston Press/Nathan Smith)

Beyond Fab

Beatles Tribute

BEYOND FAB provides a unique and authentic presentation of the most popular song book of all time. NOT your standard Beatles Tribute Band, they entertain with electricity, intensity and a sense of humor. They put a BIG emphasis on the MUSICAL PERFORMANCE. They have been delighting audiences of all ages with their fun, high energy performances.

One Hot Night

Neil Diamond Tribute

Every once in a while, a new band will come along and knock you out with a sound, look, and show that no one can compete with.

That time has come!!!

Welcome, Diamond – One Hot Night, a ten piece band from New York that replicates Neil Diamond’s career from start to today.

There are other tributes to Neil Diamond, but nothing compares to One Hot Night. Like a breath of fresh air,One Hot Night brings a sound, costumes, a stage and light show (including pyrotechnics, licensed, when permissible) that is second to none.

Neil Diamond’s style and vocals have evolved over the years. reproduces Neil’s many styles and vocal changes from the start of his career up to the present. The band has some of the most talented musicians to ever play in a tribute show. Musicians that have played and collaborated with Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada, Michael Jackson, Enrique and Julio Iglesias, Bruce Springsteen, Tommy James, and Gary U.S. Bonds to name a few.

So, if you want an exciting evening of entertainment of one of the biggest contemporary artists in the world then Diamond One Hot Night is your show. From the sounds of the horns in “Holly Holy” to the pounding of the drums in “America,” One Hot Night will not disappoint. It’s exciting, it’s energy, it’s colorful, and it’s ONE HOT NIGHT!

Billboard Live

Rock Hits of The 70’s

Willy & The Poorboys

Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute Band

Old Man Skynnyr

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute

Old Man Skynnyr is a tight solid band, dedicated to the legendary music of Lynyrd Skynyrd. With so many years of experience between the 6 members, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Old Man Skynnyr is not a cover band, but a tribute to one of the world’s greatest bands ever. These 6 men pay true homage to the legacy of a legendary group of men, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Forever Young

Rod Stewart Tribute Show

This is the best Rod Stewart Tribute Show in the world for one reason: Rick St James & his band Forever Young, deliver the best & most authentic rock n roll, plus standards from The Great American Songbook, and all the greatest Rod hits note for note.

Including Maggie May, Forever Young, Tonight’s The Night, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Hot Legs from the most successful singer in the world today, Rod Stewart.

Add to that the exact look and sound of Rod Stewart’s voice, an all-star band, the costume changes and duets with Tina, Cher. The entertainment is non-stop. A 90 minute show not to be missed.

Forever Young has played concerts, casinos, corporate events, weddings, nightclubs, theaters and private parties to standing ovations. A scaled down version or solo appearance with tracks or a musician is also available.

Everything Rod is here: Songs from The Jeff Beck Blues era, The Faces, Rod’s Solo career and The Great Ballads, The Classic Rock & Pop Hits and the Songbook. Take the complete show or customize it to your event. Look no further. This is the World’s Best Rod Stewart Tribute.

Blues Box Mission Band and R&B Revue

Blues Brothers Tribute

Joseph Felicetta seasoned lead vocalist of this 9 piece dynamo, creates a sound like very few can.
Their Blues Brothers Tribute along with their renditions of Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Sam & Dave, Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton to name a few are a don’t miss them when their in town band! They just released their first CD called “Blues Box One” and are working on their next CD “Tru Blu”! Check this band out they always please!

Jukebox Explosion

60’s Tribute Band

Covering your favorite jukebox hits, The Jukebox Explosion performs the best of The Beatles, The Zombies, Dave Clark 5, The Hollies, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and other “British Invasion” artists as well as the home grown bands that mounted the “American Response” to that invasion, including such jukebox favorites as The Byrds, The Rascals, The McCoys, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Buckinghams and more…

A Jukebox Explosion show never fails to get everyone dancing & singing along. Focusing not only the sounds but also the look of the original bands to transport the audience back to the 1960’s. Using period correct instruments, names like Rickenbacker, Fender, Gibson, Vox, and Hofner, along with original stage clothes, from Beatle boots to Nehru jackets, The Jukebox Explosion authentically recreates a Rock ‘n’ Roll show as seen on television favorites “Shindig”, “Hullabaloo” and “Where the Action Is”.

Sharp Dressed Man

ZZ Top Tribute Band

Sharp Dressed Man is a hot trio that recreates the Texas boogie and hard rockin’ blues sound of that phenomenally popular lil ol’ band from Texas – ZZ Top. At the same time, Sharp Dressed Man replicates ZZ Top’s style with the long beards, the fancy clothes, the fuzzy guitars, and stage props. To make the show complete, they include the funny antics, and the famous in-concert moves that make seeing the Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers so memorable. That means that you will see a great show anytime you see Sharp Dressed Man. The originator of the group has long been a ZZ Top fan. “I spent countless hours playing along with my ZZ Top records while growing up”. No doubt those vinyls were long ago worn out. Scott so loved playing those ZZ Top hits that he decided to replicate it to a tee. He is best known for being able to play Billy Gibbon’s guitar riffs note for note. His growling voice is a close match to Gibbon’s as well. He is relentless about replicating the ZZ Top show, having spent countless hours studying video footage, and being creative in designing sets and props for the show, as well as the stage moves and Billy Gibbon’s banter.

Bottoms Up!

Van Halen Tribute Band

From the 1978 release of their debut record Van Halen through their multi-platinum album 1984, Van Halen ruled the world. Nobody rocked -or partied- harder.. With dynamic frontman David Lee Roth, revolutionary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, and the powerful rhythm section of Alex Van Halen on drums and Michael Anthony on bass, the classic VH lineup sold millions of records, sold out stadiums and had fun doing it. Now you can experience the sounds of historic VH with Bottoms Up!…A Tribute To Classic Van Halen. Performing all of your favorite hits like Runnin’ With The Devil, Panama, Dance The Night Away and many more, Bottoms Up! will take you back in time and let you experience the ultimate recreation of live Van Halen music played note for note and with the same energy and feel of VH! Come to a Bottoms Up! concert near you and witness the extaordinary reproduction of the world’s greatest rock ‘n roll party band.

November Rain

Guns & Roses Tribute Band

Guns N’ Roses joins the ranks of many of rock bands that “simply vanished” at the pinnacle of their careers,
uch as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughan and so many more. November Rain meticulously recreates every visual and musical nuance of the Guns N’ Roses Experience. Each and every November Rain show is a sensory overload of the music, power and energy of Guns N’ Roses. Come and experience NOVEMBER RAIN and see what all the hype is about. Get ready. The wait is over. November Rain is here. Note for note. Scream for scream.

Journey Tribute Band

This Ultimate Journey Tribute Show on the east coast, truly defies description. This is the closest you’ll get to see the early-mid 80’s line-up of Journey live, ever. Experience all of the subtle nuances, inflections, harmonies and visual gratifications of seeing the original Journey show. This band brings the highest level of musicianship to the audience while showing a true respect for the music of Journey. An evening with this Journey Tribute is truly an “unforgettable” experience. See why theaters, festivals, performing art centers, corporate, and charity planners agree they are…. “The Next Best Thing to Journey”

Songs in the Attic

Billy Joel Tribute

Bobby Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Tribute

Bobby Sinatra has performed all over Long Island, Queens and Manhattan for 15 years, bringing his powerful voice and unique vocal stylings to many timeless Sinatra classics and American standards. Classic Lounge music blended with the edgy undertones of today and a slight Latin flair is what’s on tap for this seasoned performer. From the stylings of Carol King and Bobby Darin to the giants like Frank Sinatra, Bobby Sinatra doesn’t disappoint on any level.

Steve Charles

Elvis Tribute

Steve is a well rounded, complete performer. His combination of humor, exceptional voice, audience interaction and his state of the art sound system make him that “Star Performer’. Steve’s # 1 goal is always to touch the hearts of his audience, while creating a most enjoyable and uplifting atmosphere. Each musical presentation stands on its own merit.

Elvis Tribute Show

“Las Vegas Style” and in full costume! Experience the feel, the mood and most importantly Steve’s God given voice for all to relive the songs they have grown to love!


Santana Tribute Band

Milagro is Long Island’s premier Santana tribute band! They cover all of Santana’s mind bending hits from Woodstock to Today! They spread the passion and skill that Carlos Santana and the band embodies. They have been rocking the tri-state area since 2005, bringing you the soulful hits from Santana. Carlos Santana and co. are responsible for over four decades worth of award-winning crossover hits that blend rock, blues, funk, latin, and jazz.

Seven Turns

Allman Brothers Band Tribute

Seven Turns is a NY based nine-piece band that is dedicated to bringing the music of the Allman Brothers to our fans! We strive to cover the many styles within their music from rock to blues, jazz to country.

Our desire is to create an authentic tribute but one that allows us as musicians to improvise within the framework of many of the great Allman Brothers classics.

Guilty Pleasures

80’s Tribute Band

Guilty Pleasures is more than just a band, they are a full on trip back in time. Back to the most fun decade ever. Back to the best party you have ever been to. Remember the days of no stress and not a care in the world? Guilty Pleasures will bring you right back to that time. All your favorite 80’s music from Dance to Hard Rock, from Disco to New Wave, it’s all here in one package. You want Madonna or Cyndi Lauper? You got it! You want Billy Joel or Journey? No problem! B52’s or Duran Duran? Yup! You want to rock it out a bit? How about some Poison, Whitesnake, Def Leppard or Bon Jovi? It’s all covered!

The Ed Travers Band

Jimmy Buffet Tribute

Eddie’s Jimmy Buffet Show can be performed as a band or solo.

Ed and his band are known as Long Island ’s premiere Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band! Ed is a proud member of The Metro Parrot Head Club and is involved in a variety of events through the club. He and his band have brought a taste of Margaritaville to the Patchogue and Bellport bandshells and the streets of Sayville during their annual “Evening In Margaritaville”.

You have probably seen Ed Travers at one time or another, from Nassau County to Suffolk County , The Nautical Mile to the Hamptons , on Fire Island, in the Jones Beach parking lot before a Jimmy Buffett show, at restaurants and bars, at the Brad stock Festival, weddings and other private parties.

James Taylor Tribute Band

The James Taylor Tribute Show garners some of the finest touring musicians re-creating the great music of James Taylor in concert, one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time. You can cloes your eyes and feel as if James Taylor himself was in the room. Backed by an incredible blend of studio and touring musicians.