Children’s Entertainment

Miss Bebecca

Act1’s Balloon Creations

Our balloon maker has been making balloon creations for quite a while. When it comes to kids, he knows what they like, whether, it be fun and creative balloon sculptures or a magic trick here and there. He can create anything from specialized characters to fun balloon toys and can even provide festive balloon birthday cake or flower basket. His ability to get along with kids certainly helps provide an entertaining and fun filled time.

Act 1’s Bunny

Have our Bunny light up your next children’s party for a time they will never forget. According to tradition, the Easter Bunny makes his visit every year, scattering brightly-colored eggs as he goes. The origins of the Easter Bunny aren’t clear; the first recorded references to him (as “Oschter Haws”) are generally agreed to have come from Germany in the 1500s. In ancient times the rabbit was a symbol of fertility, equated with springtime and renewal of life, and the hare was also associated with the moon, whose cycles determine the precise date of Easter each year. Over time these traditions presumably merged with the annual celebration of Easter itself, and now the Easter Bunny is associated with Easter.